July 28, 2002

A Weekend of My Own

My neighborhood.

I spent all day inside yesterday. I played Warcraft, I tweaked the site, I watched Deep Space Nine and a PBS show about UN weapons inspectors in Iraq, washed all the dishes and paid all the bills. It was nice.

I was tempted to do the same today but another part of me is yelling for me to at least walk around the neighborhood a bit and get a little exercise. Which is what I’ll be doing momentarily. Really I will.

[Also: Todd Dominey is right on the money with his endorsement of LiteSwitch. A slick app-switching tool from Protereon. Makes keyboard app-switching a very smooth process.]

[Later: Whew. My walk was warm, busy, and annoying. I snapped a couple of photos of the nicer bits. I was hoping to find three-cent stamps. The only place I found that sold them were charging a dollar. For two. Two three-cent stamps. There’s something basically wrong with that.]

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Derek Gomez

Jeez, LiteSwitch is great. If you aren’t already apple-tabbing in MacOS, use this program.

Rachelle Bowden

The delis here always charge outrageous prices for stamps.. and if you say anything they yell at you about how they’re not the post office.

Jessyca Wallace

You know, that app-tabbing feature is built into Windows…heh, heh.

Derek Gomez

I know, it’s about time the stealing went the other way. Just kidding! No, that function is great. I like the resizablity and modifier keys with LiteSwitch — not sure if they’ve got something like “Hide Others” in Windows, which seems to treat every window as its own application in (weird)…

Walt Dickinson

Windows crashes more. =-P

Scott Yager

I’d just like to point out that I run Windows 2000 and it never crashes.

Nick Runco

mac OS9 and X do have tab switching. there is no windows advantage here. this app just beefs it up. and scott, consider yourself lucky that your Win2K is stable. you are a a small handful of the population.

Scott Yager

Sure Nick, that’s what the cult of Apple wants you to believe!

Just kidding. I’d buy a Mac if I could afford one.

Derek Gomez

The cult of Apple is an interesting phenomenon. We’ve got all the classic cult attitudes (oft fanatic love for Macintosh, unyielding defense of Macintosh, etc., etc.). Don’t know what to make of it. Speaking as a Mac user, I feel a lot of the hoopla and propaganda Apple puts out can give off the wrong impression to more savvy types. I personally don’t care if lots of Windows users switch — unless it makes my hardware cheaper (no evidence of that yet).

And Nick’s right, apple-tab switching’s been around since at least Mac OS 8 (mid-nineties, I think).