July 11, 2002

Breakfast for Dinner

A pig.

Here’s what I was thinking about while I made my dinner (which consisted of eggs, ham and orange juice btw): what if we got to the point where we could “grow” chickens and pigs and other animals like plants. Not to say they would grow in the ground and photosynthesize or anything, but rather that they had no eyes, or ears, or mouth nor the ability to feel pain or be capable of other forms of thought and feeling. Humans have no qualms about pulling off ears of corn, but the corn doesn’t scream like a pig would. So what if we made the pig as senseless as the corn?

Or, conversely, what the hell am I talking about? =-)

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Derek Gomez

Did you have those eggs as an omelette? And if so, did you fail to mention any mushrooms in said omelette?

Walt Dickinson

Heh. I’m not down with the mushrooms. I can eat them in small quantities if their diced up in my food. I never add them when I cook for myself. It was sort of an omelette. I’ve been getting more and more into omelettes recently. I need to incorporate more stuff. But no, no mushrooms for me thank you kindly.

Brian Poulsen

heh, I can’t STAND mushrooms =((

Nick Runco

a little anchovie paste, a little sausage, a little fois grois? mmmmm. :)

Rachelle Bowden

i LOOOOVE mushrooms

Rachelle Bowden

walt - ryan said you wouldnt even allow mushrooms in the fridge.. true?

Walt Dickinson

I don’t know if that’s true. I don’t remember a an official ban on mushrooms. However I am reminded of the time Ryan destroyed one of my favorite “indestructible” plastic bowls by pulling the thing it was sitting on out of the frige without noticing it. Those were the days…

Jessyca Wallace

I love mushrooms, too! Especially Shiitakes! Must be a chick thing. I often will make omelettes at any time of the day because if you plan well, you can get a whole serving of veggies into one. Not to mention the awesome protein from the eggs. Walt, you definitely need to experiment with adding miscellaneous veggies, it’s much more fun that way. You can try some sauteed onions, tomatoes (I recommend Roma - and don’t add them till you’re ready to fold the omelette), and sausage tastes great in an omelette, too…though that’s not quite a veggie :-) Can you tell I’m hungry?