July 17, 2002

Macworld Expo NY 2002

First thoughts: Apple’s not handing out freebies anymore. I may have to let my Mac.com email address expire. I hope they announce some sort of upgrade price for Mac OS X 10.2. I really like the look of the “Jaguar” pages. I’m happy that iTunes 3 is out. The new iPods and iMacs are nice too although I can’t say I’m inspired to run out and buy one. Although I did get my hands on a copy of Warcraft III running on a Power Mac G4 with a Cinema Display… and damn.

[ü: Nick is pissed about .mac pricing.]

I’m loving all the refinements in the new iTunes. The tag editing screens look much slicker than before. The “smart” playlists were a smart addition. And the XML-exporting feature, I’m not sure if it was in the previous version or not, but it’s cool.


Derek Gomez

$129 for 10.2. Too much! I’ll wait until it’s down around $89.

Nick Runco

i’m sure there is an upgrade price…

Walt Dickinson

Nope. Only if you buy a new machine between now and when 10.2 ships do you get an upgrade deal. See here. And Derek, I don’t think Apple lowers the price on the OS after it’s been out for a while do they? It’s a crummy situation all around.

Nick Runco

what! that is fucking insane! how can they justify $129! what is up with apple and money today!

Brian Poulsen

Bleh.. Looks like I’m not gonna go Jaguar until sometime in october, earliest. I can’t believe how they change strategy. However I must admin they are smart. They make OS X and people are/was impressed so they went over to Apple ( that’s my case anyways ). And Everybody’s looking forward to Jaguar.. But no no … Now they are gonna charge people some retarded price. And upgrade price would be fair. I guess they look at “Jaguar” as a totally new OS or product =(

Derek Gomez

Nick, guess this Forbes article explains part of their money-hungriness these days… Yeah, Walt, I don’t know if Apple will ever officially lower it. But I do remember OS X’s price going down at places like Frye’s. I could be thinking of something else though. I’m sure though I’ve seen it drop there at least once. If that happens, Apple’s MSRP will probably remain the same… I guess we’ll see how many people are willing to buy it for $129 and then Apple might make a change. I have a feeling that hard core OS Xers may give in too soon (they always do — even I do I guess sometimes).

Derek Gomez

Brian: well it looks like the dollar’s downturn will make it cheaper for ya in any case. ;) I agree. They suck you in with the free Software Update program and then bam! $130 all at once for a .1 upgrade (not even a full number version upgrade or even half number version upgrade)! It appears to be worth it, I guess though. Still sucks.

Brian Poulsen

and I just thought of something. How wonderful it is, my powerbook was shipped containing 3 software upgrade slips which I should use for CD updated.. Hell I can make a camp fire out of that piece of paper now

Mark Shewmaker

$129 divided by 2 or 3 people….

Jessyca Wallace

You know, there is one answer to your price woes (okay, there are two but I wouldn’t dare suggest a PC and its competitive market to any of you Apple zealots), join a professional organization.

Places like NAPP provide you with access to all kinds of discounts through Apple Authorized sellers and resellers (and other graphics stuff, too). AND you get a great magazine every month…heck, even Aquent gets their employees deals on software, hardware, training, and more…

Derek Gomez

Ah, you’re right, Jessyca! I forgot, my sister’s at UCSD — she may be able to buy it cheaper at the school store (educational pricing)… Hmm…