July 24, 2002

Off and Running

This morning I dropped Tabitha off at SFO for her three-week inter-continental extravaganza. I only got to see her for four incredibly short days. Despite the short time she was here she did an amazing job of getting her stuff moved in.

Tonight, I unplugged the antenna from the television and plugged it into the EyeTV. I plugged the USB cable into the back of the Powerbook, installled and ran an app from the included CD-ROM, ran through a brief set-up, and was watching TV in no time. Even digitally recording it and skipping the commercials. Amazing. Where was this product two years ago?


Jessyca Wallace

What happened to “Europe stole my girlfriend?” That was VERY funny…and I completely pictured you standing there saying it and pouting ;)

Walt Dickinson

Preferred that one did you? Maybe I’ll change it back. It seemed kinda silly. Which is maybe why it was better.

Sean Peisert

Party at Walt & Tabitha’s place?

Walt Dickinson

Heh. We’ll have to wait until she’s back. And the last of the stuff has been put away. But then yeah, you’re all welcome to come cram yourselves into our very modest-sized (read: shoebox) apartment for food, libations and fun. =-)

Scott Yager

Scott = Chula Vista, CA. Walt = Berkeley, CA. Distance according to Yahoo Maps = 502.5 miles. Last time I came up you weren’t even there :)

Sean Peisert

Is she going to let you have big parties with a keg of Anchor when she’s back? Maybe we should do it while she’s gone. ;)