July 31, 2002

Phone Scams

I can’t help but feel like I’m being targeted for some kind of credit card scam. Yesterday I get home to find a message from some forgettably named agency who’s “been trying to reach me” (this was the first I’d heard about it, I’m not hard to reach) to tell me I’d been entered in a drawing to win a car (as if someone else submitted my phone number) and requesting I call them back. I deleted the message.

Then today at work I get a call and this guy just starts spewing this vacation deal at me. Disneyworld, Ft. Lauderdale, kids under 18 are cheaper, blah, blah, blah… I hung up on him. It was clear he wasn’t going to be inhaling any time soon. I wonder if they get oxygen deprivation to their brains. Probably why they keep their jobs.

Point being: I’m wondering how my numbers have fallen into the hands of these dickheads. If you’re signing me up for contests, knock it the hell off.

[Also: This is reminding me that I routinely get called by fax machines and an AT&T representative with a heavy Asian accent. (The last time she called I very politely informed her that she’s called several times and that I’d like to be taken off their list.) My new phone line sucks.]

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Nick Runco

i get those messages all the time - “hi, this is mike from so and so calling about the satellite dish, i’m surprised you haven’t returned our call, if you could just call us back…” making it sound like a human wondering why after all his customer outreach, i could be so rude as to not call him back.

Scott Yager

I rarely answer my landline. If anyone I really want to talk to really wants to reach me they’ll call my cell phone.

Rachelle Bowden

Walt - maybe sam is trying to call you from china (heavy asian accents)

scott - I dont even have a land line. Cell and cable modem are enough for me, plus then I don’t have the headache of trying to divvy up the phone bill with my roommate.

Walt Dickinson

Nah, I can understand Sam. With this person, all I could make out was "AT&T".

Rachelle Bowden

i didnt mean that the accent was Sam’s.. he doesn’t have one.. i just meant that he’s in china.

Scott Yager

I considered not getting a landline, but i got the cox digital phone so it only costs $10/month, and we get $10/month off our bill for having digital cable, cable modem, and the phone so it works out to be pretty much free.

Sam Oh

Damn I think they are on to me.. mental note change accent

Brian Poulsen

Walt - Actually I don’t think anybody has used your phone number to sign you up for anything. I think it’s just companies picking out phone numbers at random. Maybe ( you write something about a new line which I think includes a new “user and new phone number ) some companies pay to get numbers from new subscribers.

As I wrote in my very first weblog post I often get phone calls from people trying to sell me shit. I once subscribed to a newpaper. since then many different companies ( news paper and non news paper companies ) has been calling me trying to buy retarded stuff.

Walt Dickinson

It’s just that in the last couple days it’s been excessive. And strange. Hopefully it’s just a (really, really short) phase.

Nick Runco

you know, you haven’t had it that long - you should change the number.