July 22, 2002

So Much Moving

Sunset in the central valley.

So I flew to San Diego on Friday night, rented a truck the next morning, helped Tabitha move her stuff out, packed the truck, drove from San Diego to Santa Rosa (~540 miles), collapsed in a bed in a heap. Woke up early, stuck my folks with the as-yet-unsold bed, drove from Santa Rosa to Berkeley (~60 miles), unloaded the truck for Tabitha to move her stuff in, dropped the truck off, walked home, and collapsed on the floor in a heap. Woke up early, went to work, came home, washed a ton of dishes and helped Tabitha move in.

Next: I’m planning on collapsing in a heap on the floor. =-)

[Photo: One nice moment on the drive up was the sun setting over the central valley. We were a little too busy freaking out about our busted headlights (which turned out not to be busted) and our busted rearview mirrors (which were fixed with a six dollar monkey wrench from a nearby gas station) to really enjoy the sunset. I snapped this shot so I could enjoy it later.]


Brian Poulsen

damn !! Sounds like a rough weekend =/

Nick Runco


Scott Yager

“Unloaded the truck for Tabitha” or “unloaded the truck WITH Tabitha”?

Walt Dickinson

I carried the boxes and such from the van to the foot of the stairs for her to move the rest of the way. If it was too heavy for her I carried it up. If it was too heavy for me we both carried it up. So, for and with. =-)

Rachelle Bowden

I think Tabitha got the worst part.. carrying the stuff up the stairs!

Nick Runco

how many floors does the building have?

Walt Dickinson

Two. It’s a house divided into three living spaces.