July 3, 2002

Sounds Good To Me

If the U.S. can’t indescriminately kill anyone we want… maybe we won’t kill anyone at all!

Honestly, arguing that U.S. “peacekeeping” forces should be outside the jurisdiction of the new International Criminal Court is just insane. I mean, the fear that politics might influence the ICC is understandable but it seems pretty clear that this is just another ploy to keep the U.S. above the law.

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Derek Gomez

That link needs free registration, btw. There is a legitimate point about not participating in the ICC, imo. You’re right that it’s tough to argue the UN never politicizes things (witness last year’s UN Conference on Racism which turned into yet another UN-sponsored Israel-bashing party). Today, the UN is dominated by third-world socialist-type thought and action — who’s to say in the future it won’t be dominated by some other anathematic ideology (fascism, communism, anarchism, etc.)? And besides, there are systems already in existence under which our sovereignity is not compromised and justice still meted out to wrongdoing Americans around the world (e.g., soldiers who rape in Okinawa, John Walker Lindh, etc.).

Walt Dickinson

I changed the link to a non-registration version of the article.

Brian Poulsen

I wonder if your connection died walt ? It’s been a while without updates ? =)

Walt Dickinson

I’ve been living it up in San Diego all four days of my four-day weekend. More soon.

Scott Yager

Yeah, but not at our BBQ.