July 10, 2002

The Tip Jar

Ken Kennedy writes about how to be an artist and still get paid in the 21st century. How? Voluntary micropayments. Interesting stuff. Seems like it would work. [Via Doc.]

[Completely unrelated: You know what would be good for doing screen schematics, or navigation prototpyes, or wireframes, or whatever you want to call them? HyperCard. Why isn’t there a tool like this around anymore? I know: the Internet. But HyperCard had simple drawing tools and the ability to hyperlink between cards. And a scripting language if I remember correctly. That would make a great environment for rapidly developing site mockups. Oh well.]

[Later: Holy crap, you can still buy HyperCard. That’s amazing. Something tells me it’s not Carbonized and never will be. We need an open source HyperCard movement.]


Derek Gomez

My favorite old HyperCard app (or “stack” as they were called) was on a Audio CD which I still have. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. The stack was the best. Pure black and white (no grayscale other than dithering) with cards synchronized to the music. Each card was extremely entertaining and informative… stuff like, “Now listen for the entrance of the oboes, coming up in a few bars” then the next card would be in synch with the music: “Now!” It was great. You’re right, Walt, it did have its own scripting language — there was a time when viruses spread on Mac mostly because of HyperCard stack scripts. In early junior high we programmed our own stack games — which ended up being like those old Choose Your Own Adventure books… I really wish I had those lying around somewhere…

Walt Dickinson

I thought I posted a comment harkening back to my HyperCard experiences but I guess it derailed and I decided not to post it. Suffice to say, it was one of the first things that caught my eye on the Macintosh. It seems like the only mainstream replacement we have these days is Flash which I still can’t stand. Oh well.

Nick Runco

you know - some of us make a living on Flash programming…