July 15, 2002

Thirty Cookies In Thirty Minutes

There is a phenomenal feature being presented at the new and soon-to-be-improved überdesign right now. I love it when Nick and Co. get together to do something that nutty, and then share it with the world.

Ooh, QuickTime 6 is out. That can’t be a coincidence. =-)

[Awesome: I need to read the whole article but this little gizmo sounds right up my alley.]

[Spooky: “The US will have a higher percentage of citizen informants than the former East Germany through the infamous Stasi secret police.” Yikes. (How’s my spying? Call 1-800-US-Stasi.)]

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Rachelle Bowden

after 23 i couldnt watch any more.. bleh

Nick Runco

yeah, well there was a warning.

Walt Dickinson

Yes but that was for "gluttonous consumption" was it not? Anyway, I’m glad the conclusion wasn’t given away. Good disgusting fun.

Derek Gomez

Damn Compaqs at work have no Quicktime and won’t allow you to install this Internet-standard software. Bastard techs. Sounds cool.

Derek Gomez

That El Gato product looks nice! I may have to wait for the second model — seems it should have video out ports too, in case you wanted to share a show on VHS instead of VCD. But it’s tempting — especially the part about no monthly fee.

Derek Gomez

Spy thing: yikes, too! If it happens, it’s an example of overextension of govt. power. A corollary to the mislabeling of the War on Terror — way too vague a name, IMO. (E.g., when’s it over?) I personally hate the term: “war on” anything. Should simply be the “Fight against Islamism” — then we wouldn’t need tons spies looking out for just anything — only Islamist terrorists. (That’s Islamism, guys, not Islam.)

Nick Runco

yeah, i couldn’t give away the conclusion, but one could infer from ‘gluttonous consumption’ that bad things could arise. or bubble up. or brew. or be quite audio-liciously vomited.

Rachelle Bowden

just because i couldnt finish watching doesnt mean i didnt enjoy it..