August 21, 2002

Dishwashing Notes

Tabitha and I went to our first Andronico’s grocery market last night. It was awesome. Such a pleasantly welcome shopping experience after slumming it at Safeway for so long.

But that’s not what I was thinking about while washing dishes. Now, Macromedia, right? I’m thinking they’ve killed Director. Like killed it forever. They won’t come out and say it, but it’s happening. Flash is already dancing on its older brother’s grave. It’s clear that it’s happening because Director is totally absent from the MX strategy, and there’s no sign at all of a Carbonized version for Mac OS X on the horizon.

(This is, of course, where Macromedia announces Director MX tomorrow.)

I don’t think that’s going to happen though and it’s a real shame for the following reasons. One, Director has a better authoring environment than Flash does. Two, Lingo (had it been cared for as well as ActionScript) is a better scripting language than ActionScript. Three, Director has the potential to fit in so well with Macromedia’s stated goal of enabling content producers and distributers to rapidly develop rich, internet-savvy media solutions.

But I really think they’ve killed it. didn’t go as planned and Director paid the price. What do you think? Know of any good blogs or articles on this issue?

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Derek Gomez

That Andronico’s looks like Henry’s Marketplace, a nice chain down here. No website to cite, but here are the ones closest to downtown San Diego. Anyone have Henry’s elsewhere?

Jessyca Wallace

Oh I just LOVE Andronico’s. And Draeger’s. And Piazza’s. And Oakville Grocer…you guys have the GREATEST grocery stores in the Bay Area. Almost a good enough reason to move there all on it’s own :-) We don’t have anything that even tries to be a quality grocery store down here…just the Cardiff Seaside Market which really doesn’t even resemble one of the aforementioned grocery paradises…

Jessyca Wallace

Henry’s is a local San Diego chain. They might have spread out further in Southern California or Arizona by now, but I don’t know of any. Henry’s is like Trader Joe’s with produce and a butcher…it’s a hippy place…no offense to the hippies of course…and they’re quality tends to vary by location. For example, the one on Lomas Santa Fe has terribly produce so I asked one of the produce-guys (?) one night why the quality was so weak…he said that particular store manager only buys B-grade produce to save money because his rent is so high…

Can you guys tell I’m hungry?

Walt Dickinson

Henry’s has nothing on Andronico’s imho. Henry’s only had two things I was ever interested in, produce and obscure candy. Plus, it was always more of a drive to get to one, it had this weird, trough-style atmosphere… Andronico’s on the other hand is great. You get all the good produce, plus all the stuff you’d get at a regular supermarket, plus every type of milk you could possibly want (non-rBST, organic, Berkeley Farms, Clover, etc.), plus there seems to be lots of fancier (read: more expensive) meats and cheeses and breads and such. All in all though it’s not much more expensive than Safeway and you don’t have to remember your friggin’ card.

Derek Gomez

Sounds good. The only thing about Henry’s I don’t like (and thanks for the info about the Lomas Santa Fe one, Jessyca — B-grade?!) is that you can’t find decent caffeinated soda there (all homemade crap and snapple). Walt, if I gathered correctly, Andronico’s has everything Safeway has, which definitely would make it better than Henry’s. As it is, I have to divide my grocery shopping between Henry’s for the farm-type stuff (eggs, meat, cheeses, produce, etc.) and Albertsons for everything Henry’s doesn’t stock. That kinda sucks.

Rachelle Bowden

you guys are making me jealous :( the grocery stores in NYC stink.. they’re HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! small little dingy spaces with very limited selects and aisles you can barely walk down. The gourmet groceries like Dean and Deluca and Balducci’s are amazing, but you’ll go broke if you do your shopping there.. as if everything isn’t already more expensive in the regular stores.

Mark Shewmaker

I have Jaguar.