August 23, 2002

Happy Jaguar Day!

As you may or may not be aware, Apple is releasing Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar today. (A bit earlier than originally announced.) I bought a copy on discount from Amazon a couple weeks ago but it’s looking like it’s going to take a while to arrive. So I’m doing a proactive upgrade. =-) Last night I started backing up my data to discs and today I’m making another backup to the fat HD on my computer at work. As soon as that’s finished the installing will commence!


Rachelle Bowden

mark has it installed already

Derek Gomez

Would it be useless to wait until 10.2.1 is released? I don’t know. Haven’t even asked my sister to go get it for me at the UCSD bookstore yet… I’ll have to call to see how they’re doing for copies (school hasn’t started yet — might be easy to get)…

Nick Runco

i have had it for a week now. and while everyone else can install it my installatin tanks with 36 minutes to go consistently. (it seems apple included the upgrade(!) discs with computers shipping in the last few weeks.

Derek Gomez

BTW — and I’m surprised none of the fontheads around here have mentioned it — but Apple seems to have moved away from Garamond Condensed as its signature font (long overdue). Can anyone identify the new font Apple’s using as its own? I guess, if I haven’t been paying attention, they could have been using it online for a while, and I’m finally noticing it now — just because it’s on the cover of the Jaguar box.

Brian Poulsen

They changed the font ? I can’t tell the difference heh.

Derek Gomez

Yeah totally, Brian. I mean, when was the last time you saw Apple using Garamond Condensed? But you can be excused from noticing with reason, being a relatively new Mac user… :)

Derek Gomez

Man, what a screwy entry there. Meant to say, when was the last time you saw Apple using Garamond Condensed? BTW, Walt, any plan to institute edit for weblog comments? (Or I can just be more careful, you’re right.)

Jessyca Wallace

I don’t know if it’s a NEW font, but the sans-serif font on their website is Myriad Bold.