August 1, 2002


In a month will be three years old. To kick off a series of little updates to the site, we’re pleased to present the new look and feel. Thanks to Rob for helping me test the rendering in some browsers. If you’re having trouble with the new design, please send me a screenshot. Thanks, and enjoy!

[Specifically: If anyone runs Internet Explorer 5 or 5.5 on Windows and can send me a screenshot it would be much appreciated. Thanks.]

[Ugh: Jessyca graciously sent me an IE/5.5/Win screenshot. My apologies to all users of this crummy browser, and a humble request for you to upgrade. Internet Explorer 6 is a significant improvement. And free.]

[Screens: Mozilla 1.1b for Mac OS X with smoothing on, Internet Explorer 5.2.1 for Mac OS X with smoothing off.]

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Clemens Kroell

WOW the new design looks awesome! :D

Rachelle Bowden

i like it a lot

Rachelle Bowden

color = good

Rob Christensen

Walt went above and beyond this version. Well done I say!

Rachelle Bowden

The photos page still says “Okay, the new photos section isn’t coming until 5.0 is released. “

Nick Runco

this is off the heezy fo’sheezy.

Walt Dickinson 5 won’t really be "finished" until the end of the month. We’ve got lots of stuff cooking behind the scenes. =-)

Rachelle Bowden

i like how rob and i had 4 posts in the same minute.. yet we’re 3 hours (time zones) apart. nice.

Brian Poulsen

woah ! This is very nice walt. Great job ;)

Scott Yager

I have IE 5.5, but I can’t change it (work computer). What is it SUPPOSED to look like?

Jessyca Wallace

Wow. What a big difference between Win and Mac…Verdana 11px actually looks like Verdana and not some other random font. Also, I like the image padding and borders you’re using, they don’t show up on my computer so I didn’t know about them…I wish Windows would do font-smoothing…that has always been my biggest complaint about the operating system.

Nick Runco

i hate the font smoothing for actual web page content. all these web fonts were designed as pixel-fonts. verdana, arial (specifically designed to be like helvetica, except work aliased). i don’t know why font smoothing is an option for wen pages. i you want to have it a CSS option for some type of future font embedding - fine, until then it looks like ass.