August 10, 2002

Save Yourselves

Please do not, under any condition, see XXX. It is a bad, bad movie. Spend your valuable time doing something drastically more enjoyable. Like cleaning your toilet or shaving off your kneecaps with a belt sander. Save yourself from turning into me, a quivering shell of my former self, hoping desperately to purge the foul memory of that awful, awful film from my infested mind. Save your money. Read a book. Reorganize your sock drawer. Just don’t — please don’t — see XXX.

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Rachelle Bowden

not even worth it to see vin diesel?

Walt Dickinson


Scott Yager

Is anything?

Nick Runco

please, can we limit rachelle’s obsession with (fill in movie star here) to one forum thread? :)

Rachelle Bowden


Sam Oh

Walt: Im a little lost, areyou telling me you didn’t like the movie :) hehehe.