September 19, 2002



Voyager, I must say, was the worst series in the history of Star Trek. The cast wasn’t good, the plots were the same cookie cutter plots every week, and the mission was boring from day one. That, coupled with the fact that neither Adelphia Cable in San Diego nor Rob’s satellite service carries UPN led me to miss the first season of Enterprise. Not having a television didn’t help either. But times have changed and I caught a couple episodes. It’s not great, some of the characters bug me, there’s way too much sexual inuendo … but it’s better than Voyager by a long shot and it’s only now in its second season. So I’m watching it and trying to stay hopeful.

[By the way: The image is from the Iconfactory.]


Sean Peisert

But, but… Q was on Voyager.

Walt Dickinson

Those were some of the worst episodes of all…