September 5, 2002

Hooray For America!

I just bought what amounts to a birthday present for myself: two tickets to the live “Hooray For America” Mr. Show show at the Warfield. Bob and David and a couple of other guys from the old HBO sketch comedy show put together a live show and are touring the country a la Tenacious D.

The Bob and David website explains “Hooray For America” in more detail.

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Scott Yager

I kind of wanted to go to that, but I don’t think I wanted to go for $40.

Nick Runco

walt, i’ll tell you a joke if you pay me $40. whaddyasay?

Walt Dickinson

A) No. B) My tickets were not $40. C) What’s money when you’re laughing your ass off for a good couple hours?

Scott Yager

Down here they are $37.50. Even still. I could take that money and buy the DVDs and laugh my ass off many times over.

Jessyca Wallace

Um…living under a rock…what is the Mr. Show tour? I could Google it, but I think I’d rather hear it with some evangelical glory…

Mark Shewmaker

Are you guys huge fans? David Cross is easily spotted in the East Village pretty regularly…I’ve seen him at a place called Black Star a few times.

Walt Dickinson

My family actually spotted David Cross in a record store in San Francisco once on their way to see me. I’m not sure if they knew him from Mr. Show or what. I was a very big fan of Mr. Show back when it was on late night HBO. It was clear that HBO wasn’t behind the show because it became harder and harder to find. I’m also, of course, a big fan of the spin-off: Tenacious D.