September 10, 2002

Killer App

Oh man, iCal rules…

[Also: I always felt that WiFi would get to be like cable television in hotels, or air conditioning in a coffee shop, or even freakin’ electricity. The businesses supply these things for free because it pulls in the customers. Well, the WiFi-savvy customers anyway. And it works. I’d rather go to Cup-A-Joe on Leavenworth than any old Starbucks in the city purely based on the free WiFi. More and more businesses are starting to get it.]

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Scott Yager

That link doesn’t work (for me at least). What is WiFi?

Derek Gomez

This would be a reason to purchase a .mac account. Would be nice to have an option to use a regular old webserver you can ftp to in order to view the calendar online, rather than needing it to be WebDAV enabled…

Rob Christensen

Wifi is another name for the IEEE standard 802.11b. Most new laptops these days come with it. For anyone that’s into mobile computing with their laptop, it’s a must!

Scott Yager

That doesn’t really mean anything to me (I’m technologically impaired) but I see it has to do with wireless networking. Thanks :)

Sam Oh

yeah it col that more places are offering free access to the wireless network. now only if I can get them to ofter free laptops I will be set