September 27, 2002

Nick vs. Critical Mass

Nick is rolling into San Francisco this evening completely unaware that he’s going to land smack dab in the middle of the 10th Annual Critical Mass event. That’s hysterical. And unfortunate for Nick. I would have warned him if I’d known. The honking and yelling is floating up from Market Street as I write this.

I think you gotta be plumb nuts to ride a bike in this city. And flat-out crazy to ride a motorcycle. That being said, Critical Mass is a great idea. Drivers need to be reminded that the streets are for many forms of transportation. Which reminds me, I haven’t seen one single Segway yet. (Although I have seen a Megway.)

My lord, there is a river of bicycles on Market Street right now. I’d run downstairs and snap some photos if I weren’t waiting for Nick to call.

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Derek Gomez

So how did Nick fare after all?

Walt Dickinson

He did quite well. He got in at the tail end of the mass of bikes and was even able to snag a parking spot just off Mission about two blocks away from my building.

Derek Gomez

That’s one thing I gotta give SF — its compactness. Easy for bikes, (quick) mass transit, and good old-fashioned walking. You know we’ve got mass transit here but it takes for freakin ever to get anywhere by those means because we’re so spread out.