September 19, 2002

No Dice

Apparently my not-so-typical “embarrassing” story didn’t meet the high standards of Derrick Story and his esteemed team of judges. The winners of the contest for tickets to the Mac OS X O’Reilly Conference were, in my opinion, pretty pathetic. Runny noses and porno seem to be their idea of quality embarrassment. How about rewarding a little original thinking? I’ll shut up now.

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Scott Yager

I agree. Although the third place one was pretty funny and should have been first place (of the three) in my opinion.

Nick Runco

i thought they all stunk.

Walt Dickinson

I should have written about the time I jumped up on that desk at the Guardian and menacingly grabbed the computer. I could have included the photo. I’m not sure I even have a copy of that photo anymore though. God those computers were poorly maintained. It’s amazing we were able to publish anything in that hellhole. =-)

Scott Yager

The third one is funny because I imagine it happening at work. And I would laugh if I was sitting here and heard that coming from someone else’s cube.

Nick Runco

the story still stank. and i have a copt of that photo, walt. hell i have negatives.