September 6, 2002

Share The Pain

Nick is feeling down. He broke up with his gf and isn’t in the highest of spirits right now. Maybe he needed to vent, maybe he wanted to get his thoughts in order, maybe he just needed people to know. He posted a very heartfelt and personal entry to his weblog over on überdesign. I read it, I gave him a call, I wished him well.

Today he’s blogging about the fact that some people are giving him shit about his choice to post his thoughts on his blog because the topic is so painful. I don’t know all the ins and outs and whathaveyous regarding why anyone would give someone a hard time about expressing their feelings in the way Nick has but for what it’s worth, I thought it was brave and touching.

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Nick Runco

i have been criticized for using the platform for manipulative purposes - to make people feel bad. i think those people fail to understand what self-expression is really about, and misinterpret my intentions. either way, that sort of criticism ironic in it’s hipocritical take on expression.

Brian Poulsen

nick - Exactly. I voiced my opinion on and I admire you for opening yourself that much.