September 9, 2002

You got Cocoa on my Gecko…

Chimera 0.5 was released today. For the Mac OS X bleeding-edge browsy-types, it’s good news. The interface is painfully simple and the feature set is weak but it’s fast as hell and beautiful to boot. I’m still holding out hope that Apple is branding their own version of Netscape’s open source goodness into a glowing Aqua masterpiece.

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Sean Peisert

Mozilla and Chimera still don’t have OmniWeb’s automatic spell checking….. though I’m posting this with Chimera and I’m reasonably happy with it.

Derek Gomez

I really don’t get what’s so good about Chimera yet. Prefs, for me, are very important. I can’t deal with pop-ups anymore, after having been able to disable them in Mozilla for so long. I didn’t experience any speed (in fact, it was slower than Mozilla on my iMac).

But you’re right, it’s good it’s being speedily developed… And I do like the Aqua interface (still something weird to me about “skins,” etc.).