October 13, 2002

Any ideas?

I got an annoyance that maybe some technically-minded reader can help me with. At home I’ve got my computer connected to a Linksys DSL router which is connected to the DSL modem which talks to Earthlink. When I send email out through a non-Earthlink SMTP server I get an error and my mail program asks me to pick another SMTP server. So I pick the Earthlink one and it works. The computer never has this problem when I’m on any other network than the one at home. Is there something I can tweak or route around so I can send mail out through any SMTP server I want? Or is this just part of the magic of dealing with Earthlink? Thanks.

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Sean Peisert

Walt, I have little doubt that this non-Earthlink SMTP server is simply refusing to relay mail from the Earthlink network. What smtp server is it? smtp.mac.com? Your account is expired, you know. :) Does the SMTP server in question require authentication? Most people have made it such that use of their SMTP servers is limited either by IP address or username/password. The solution is basically to “tunnel” (via SSH, for instance) to a machine outside the Earthlink network (your machine at work, for instance) and have it forward the connection to wherever you want it to go. This is relatively easy to do, and is in fact what safeweb.com and anonymizer.com due for privacy protection already.

Brian Poulsen

Walt - It depends on what smtp you’re trying to use. If it’s an SMTP server related to another internet provider I could imagine you woulnd’t be able to use it. Here in Denmark you can’t use X’s SMTP server if you have Y as your internet provider.

Nick Runco

that’s the case with most all servers. education institutions held out the longest so students could sne email throught their servers if they were off-campus, but then spamming became a problem and they had to tighten the grip a little. i would expect your result in the case of any server you aren’t a subscriber to.