October 5, 2002


Tonight, reading through RSS newsfeeds: “Steven Frank’s ‘Memoir’, Kottke’s ‘The September That Never Ended’, Jeremey Allaire’s ‘Simple Rich Media Communications’ (Has he tried iPhoto? It’s a start.), blah, blah, bla… Mark’s ‘Married‘… Say what?”

Congratulations! =-)

[Also: The Mr. Show show was pretty good but not nearly as satisfying as last year’s Tenacious D Halloween blowout. We’ve got one more show we’re trying to see in the near future and then possibly some plays in Berkeley. More on this later.]

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Kris Rzepkowski

Walt, I don’t get the RSS thing. And frankly I’m not going to take the time to do research to figure it out. How does it work? What is its significance? What does it mean to syndicate? Should I be pissed that blogger doesn’t have it yet? Any insight would be appreciated.

Ignorant comment submitted by: zip

Derek Gomez

RSS allows for authors to publish material in such a way that makes it easy for users to get (even easier than browsing the Internet). Syndication means publishing widely in various media. With little room for independence of design, and strict XML, RSS is more about uniform, simple transmission of information. RSS means real simple syndication (or rich site summary, depending on who you ask).

Walt Dickinson

There are some links to good resources on my RSS information page. If anyone else has some links to good resources that should be included, please let me know. Thanks.