October 24, 2002

Now I’m Older Than Ever

Thanks to everyone for all the happy birthday wishes. It’s clear that I need to blog early on the 24th of October in the future. Not only to keep the Dad birthday greetings separate but so theories don’t start forming as to where I’m hiding out. (I was in a meeting most of the afternoon.)

Anyway, I’m 26 now. We’re going out to dinner tonight with Tabitha and the family. It was nice to get up to Santa Rosa to see Dad yesterday if only for a couple of hours.

Which reminds me… everyone needs to go check out a new weblog by none other than my sister, Nani Dickinson. “There is another…” =-)

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Brian Poulsen

happy birthday walt ;) And hey … how about them giants ? ;)

Nick Runco

they’re gonna lose the series.

Brian Poulsen

Nick - doesn’t look like it ….. 16 - 4 win and a 3-2 lead. ;)

Walt Dickinson

The Angels are dead in the water at this point. =-)

Laura Dickinson

Hi Walt, Goodmorning. I’m still full from the birthday dinner last night. Very fun to celebrate with you. Good thing the Giants apparently know how to win even when we aren’t paying attention. Thanks again to Tabitha for sharing your birthday evening with us. Love, Mom

Mark Shewmaker

Happy birthday, Walt.

Nick Runco

i’ll say again - they’re gonna lose the series

Derek Gomez

Giants suck.

Derek Gomez

Oh, and happy b-day, Walt! ;)

Derek Gomez

Not that this should be posted here (since there’s a WS 2002 forum already), but every WS watcher should realize just how many runs the Angels are capable of… They’re definitely the stronger of the two and statistically, are the likely champions. That’s just a fact.