October 26, 2002

Saturday Stuff

San Francisco Sunset

Early this morning we were at SFO visiting briefly with Bryce as he blew through the left coast on his whirlwind vacation. Later we found ourselves back in Berkeley making a fuss over our under-the-weather girlfriend, running to Costco and the supermarket for munchables. In the afternoon we did a bit of work before zonking out on the couch for a little while. The evening was monopolized by the sixth game of the World Series and the Simpsons Halloween marathon. Finally back to a bit more work and a bit of blogging.

One thing we did tonight was to tweak the font settings here. If you’ve got the fabulous Lucida Grande and one of these excellent font-smoothing browsers (as we do) then it looks pretty sharp. If not, then the styles should downgrade gracefully.


Rachelle Bowden

WE fussed over OUR girlfriend? who do you share tabitha with?

Walt Dickinson

We are speaking in the plural as we think that it is cool to do so. There is only one of us. =-)

Jessyca Wallace

Screenshot! I demand a screenshot! You must post a screenshot when you discuss these fancy-pants Mac-only features. Even the Mac I own doesn’t have the capability of viewing the stuff you’ve done with the site…l

Laura Dickinson

I’m glad we cleared up the plural thing as a case of the “royal” cool type of we not some sort of split personality breakdown. Love Mom :)

Walt Dickinson

Hehe, yes. “The royal ‘we’! The editorial … I dropped off the money!” — The Big Lebowski

Walt Dickinson

Jessyca: Screenshot forthcoming when possible.