October 16, 2002


We don’t mean to brag, but if you were wondering how long Tab and I have been together (as we had often wondered ourselves), it’s been about three years.

(Yes, it’s a blurry photo. We were in a hurry to leave, give me a break. =-)

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Jessyca Wallace

MUST you be so cute? Love the new haircut, Tab!

Jessyca Wallace

Now, is that three years total? Or three years THIS time? He he.

Mark Shewmaker


Next thing you know, you’ll be running off to Vermont to get married…oh, wait…that’s me :-)

Rachelle Bowden

I know! How cute is your haircut, Tabitha! It was so long last time I saw you. And Walt! Wheet-weeuuw! hahhaha.. congrats, guys! Many more happy years to come!

Nick Runco

good stuff guys.

Laura Dickinson

Oh, the picture of you both just made me smile and smile and smile. Love, Mom

Walt Dickinson

Thanks y’all. And yes, Jess, total. =-)

Sean Peisert

Now that’s a cute picture!