October 20, 2002

The Monkey

The Angels really demonstrated the power of that damn monkey tonight. =-) It’s a good Series though. High-scoring, close game, big home runs. We still expect the Giants to emerge victorious though, in San Francisco, Game 5.

[Thanks to everyone who wrote in about that obnoxious little bug. Everything should be good now.]

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Sam Oh

Boo Giants

Brian Poulsen

Yeah it’s a pretty cool World Series. I’m happy they show it on danish television, which by the way is the first time in baseball history it’s shown on danish TV. Well actually the first time baseball is shown at all.

Scott Yager

Do they have Danish announcers or do they just have the English?

Sean Peisert

Cool new addition to the WaltandTabitha logo.

Sam Oh

Boo new logo..now if the angels win, Walt you have to put a picture of the rally monkey next to you and Tabitha :)

Rachelle Bowden

yeh! make a bet..

Walt Dickinson

What do I get if I win the bet?

Sam Oh

ummm scott will wear a giants hat :)

Scott Yager

Don’t involve me in your wagers, Sam :)

Scott Yager