October 30, 2002

[waltanium:~] walt%

My latest favorite UNIX command: “curl http://a.well.coded.site/ | bbedit”

Now there needs to be a button in Chimera that will run that script on the page that’s currently being browsed. Hrmmm…

[Unrelated: Yesterday Earthlink sends me, their loyal DSL customer, an advertisement which says that if I subscribe to their DSL service, I’ll get the first six months at $30/month. Basically it’s the same offer that I’d get if I switched to SBC. Except I can’t get the deal through Earthlink, because I’m already subscribed. So essentially the company who’s currently screwing me for DSL service is reminding me that the only way to save money is to quit using their service. Thanks… ya bastards.]

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Jessyca Wallace

You should call them and tell them that. Sometimes they hook you up.

Derek Gomez

[GEEKSPEAK] I’m learning screen right now after finding a use for my old Powerbook (sshing into my iMac from the living room). Pretty powerful program. [/GEEKSPEAK]

Walt Dickinson

That’s the one that creates multiple desktops? There was an app for Mac OS X which took advantage of something like that. I tried it. It freaked me out. =-) P.S. I did ask someone at Earthlink about the deal. No dice.

Laura Dickinson

Hi Jessyca, I heard that too. That people who ask for the better deal usually get it. The article actually suggested calling all your service providers yearly and asking for a better deal. Hi Walt. Love, Mom

Derek Gomez

Yeah, GNU screen allows you to run several independent shells from one window… it’s pretty powerful. For example, you can have a man page running in the background and a program in the front, and irc in another, etc., etc. Of course, it’s only really useful in an ssh setting or if you’re just interested in doing everything in one window. I hadn’t heard of a screen-like program for the Mac…