November 6, 2002


The New PowerBook G4

Must… not… buy… new PowerBook!

Panic’s Steven Frank is not helping me try to ignore how much cooler the new PowerBooks are than mine. Apparently, he’s got a G4/500 also and feels similarly “drool”ish about the new machines.

It’s just a good thing that the Emeryville Apple Store isn’t open yet.

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Scott Yager

That looks sweet. But $3K…damn.

Rachelle Bowden

buy it , walt, then give me your old one!

Derek Gomez

Must be how I felt when I saw the new widescreen iMac…

Reed Dickinson

Hey - It’s not that far to Palo Alto or Santa Clara, now is it?

Walt Dickinson

Nooo! Since yesterday Apple has added the page for the Emeryville Apple Store and it’s opening a week from this Saturday! This is a sign. A horribly wonderful yet tragically expensive sign. I haven’t been to any openings yet. I may have to try and drag Tabitha and anyone else I can find over there a couple of hours early to stand in line with me. =-)

Brian Poulsen

ohh shit !! Now I’ll have to sell my G4/550 512 mb ram powerbook so I can get the new one… damn it it’s nice !

Derek Gomez

I always console myself by saying in six months there’ll either be something better at the same price or you can get it for a few hundred bucks less. And speaking of the SuperDrive TiBook in general, not sure if it’s such a good idea. I mean, why not just get a desktop machine? I defy anyone to edit video and burn it onto a DVD on the bus to work. But I guess it’s good for those who may need that for some strange reason. At least it now means the ones without the SuperDrive will be better priced!

Nick Runco

i think a powerbook would be ideal. just to move to another part of the house would be just plain loverly.

Sean Peisert

Apple Tablet. All I have to say.