November 23, 2002

Dynamic Directories

We’re experimenting with a freaky new directory structure in the Weblog section this evening. Out with the ugly, query string-based URIs and in with sexy directory structure URIs. Now, you can get to the July posts for this year at Makes sense doesn’t it?

Yes, I said sexy.

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Brian Poulsen

Slick ;)….. mod_rewrite rules. That’s why I use anyways ;)

Derek Gomez

The permalinks don’t seem to be working perfectly. I didn’t check them before but could it have to do with the change?

Walt Dickinson

Yup. There are some issues there.

Derek Gomez

BTW, Walt — just realized your old Weblog RSS feed isn’t working — found the new URL following the RSS link at the bottom of the page. Maybe I missed the announcement (if that’s the case, whoops!). Maybe you can fudge a fake RSS file at that old location and point those readers to the new one? I don’t know though if it matters (unless you get a lot of people reading your RSS who don’t visit proper — unlikely).

Walt Dickinson

Okay, I think I’ve fixed the RSS issue. It was working if you were trying to pull the file from /weblog/rss/ but not if you were trying to pull from /weblog/rss/index.php but everything should work now. I probably will move it but when I do I’ll do it right. As for handling the old style permalinks, I’ll try to have that in place tonight.