November 5, 2002

Fresh Morning Software

There are new versions of Chimera and NetNewsWire Lite available this morning.

[Also: Jon Stewart on CNN: “I’m a king maker. I’m an idol maker. If I had a tie, I would be a newsman.”]

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Sean Peisert

If I can get down to one or two browsers (Chimera and OmniWeb) and ditch Mozilla and IE, I’ll be really happy.

Derek Gomez

I’ve switched to Chimera exclusively as of 0.5. I’ve heard it doesn’t have all the capabilities some users need, but I don’t know what those are since it does everything I need it to do. I use a (slightly modified from the one here) shell script to automate daily build downloads. Easy peasy. Happily viewed a splash screen with “0.6” in it last night even though I didn’t know it had been released.