November 22, 2002

Insanity Thy Name Is Commerce

The question you have to ask yourself once you’ve made the decision to plan your whole weekend around the opening of a new retail establishment is, “What kind of sick, geeky, degenerate materialist have I become?” If the answer you arrive at is anything other than, “The best kind!” Then you should consider changing your plans … and seeking professional help. If, however, you manage to clear that hurdle, you’re home free and might as well just decide to enjoy the opening of the new Apple Store.

Tabitha and I will be here tomorrow morning. =-)

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Jessyca Wallace

If you’re a degenerate materialist because you’ve planned your weekend around the opening of a store by the manufacturer of equipment of which I have heard you proclaim your desire to marry if you could…what does that make me for planning my weekend around gambling and other forms of sin in the heart of sin city itself (Vegas, baby)?