November 8, 2002

Missed It By That Much

I forgot my umbrella on the BART this morning. My shoes have become squeaky and are giving me callouses. I left the power cord for my laptop at home this morning and have to ration the battery power. Oh well, I guess it’s not that bad.

I’m currently waiting for the latest version of OmniGraffle to finish downloading so I can see whether I can reproduce a content map better in it than I can in ConceptDraw or whether I have to use Illustrator. Oh, how I hate them all so much. But that’s really another rant entirely. I have a feeling though that if my computer had a better video card then OmniGraffle wouldn’t get so sluggish when I’m dragging dozens of Quartz-rendered widgets around the screen. Maybe I should just buy a GeForce4 Ti for my work computer. Nah.

The signs continue to emerge by the way. First, Apple releases fabulous new PowerBooks. Then, the opening day of the Emeryville Apple Store is announced. Now, out of nowhere, my credit card company offers to up my limit. It’s clearly meant to be. Right?

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Rachelle Bowden

walt, we just use quark

Mark Shewmaker

Seriously, Quark rules for EDDs. No other app can touch it’s element library, style sheets, master pages or long document features. Using the guide manager XT, you can build grids that mimic Illustrator’s. Arrowheads are built in. Best of all, it’s the fastest app you’ll ever own, even in classic mode.

Oh yeah, you can recruit other designers to help you out, as they already know Quark.

Nick Runco

quark has tried my patience in the past…

i would recommend steering clear of the credit card financing of large purchases. sure, you get stuff - but, “the man” gets you by the balls.

Jessyca Wallace

There is a super-easy way to avoid “the man” and still use credit cards to finance everything. I haven’t paid interest on a credit card in 2 years and I have a sizable balance to my name.

LOTS of offers come in the mail for 0% balance transfers, etc. First I got one for 6 months that I found online. Then I found one for a year before the 6-month one was up, so I transferred my debt there. I just signed up for one that’s 0% on balance transfers till Jan 2004 with NO transfer fees.

May not be the most fiscally responsible practice, but heck, I don’t pay interest, so who cares? After you transfer your balances out, be sure to close the previous credit account. You don’t want too much available credit…

Jessyca Wallace

The whole point was, GO BUY YOUR NEW COMPUTER, Walt.

Rachelle Bowden

dont you think it looks bad to have all those credit cards on your credit report?

Jessyca Wallace

I dunno. They keep sending more credit applications.

Like I said before, as soon as I open a new card, I close one. There aren’t any late payments on my report, I keep the amount of available credit under a certain level…

Mitch by contrast doesn’t get all of these killer offers because while he never pays late, he also never carries a balance. I guess we’ll find out for sure when I try to get a new car next summer ;-)

Nick Runco

things you lose points for: having too many new accounts, too many open accounts, too much credit, defaulting on payments (not late payments), and high balances. there are more, but these are the ones i remember

Nick Runco

rather than a CC, i would buy it with the Apple Loan. in effect the same thing, but you get on a payment plan that’s easier to stick to and i believe it had less interest.

Jessyca Wallace

Thanks for the tips, Nick. Isn’t the Apple Loan for businesses? Here’s the stuff from their site.

“No payments until next year. Signature-less loans up to $25,000 available to qualified customers, with most approvals in under a minute. Rates starting as low as 9.99%. “

You know Walt, if you register yourself as a business, not only will you qualify for the loan (maybe), you can write-off the purchase of a new computer. I believe you get $5000 in start-up costs, no matter what they are, and you wouldn’t have to amortize the cost of the machine over its useful life. Between the write-off and selling your current one, it’d get pretty cheap! My license and taxes were only about $80…

Jessyca Wallace

I think we can officially change my title from “friend” to “enabler.”

Walt Dickinson

Heh. Seriously. In all honesty, I doubt it’s going to happen this time around. Desperately trying to hold out for “the next big thing”.

Nick Runco

it’s available to anyone. the only thing availble to businesses is their lease program.

Nick Runco

the only thing available to businesses only, i meant

Jessyca Wallace

I guess I’ve been out of the Mac loop long enough that I’ve forgotten all that stuff. Thanks for being the detail man, Nick.