November 14, 2002

Search in Aqua

For any Jaguar geeks who want to search the Forums in style, we’ve cooked up a Sherlock 3 channel to do just that. It works pretty similar to the web-based search interface, with similar perks and shortcomings. It should be easy to install the channel into your copy of Sherlock. Enjoy.

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Mark Shewmaker

Already? Jeez Walt, that sure didin’t take long….

Jessyca Wallace

You know, Walt, you’re really creating quite a niche for yourself in the world of computing and the internet. Very few people out there have the breadth of experience in creating OSX-Internet widgety apps for the general Mac Public.

You really should start considering marketing yourself with those skills…I’m sure there are companies that would greatly appreciate the experiences you could provide their customers — obviously that would be companies whose customers are Mac users, but still…you know how to do stuff the rest of us don’t have a clue about…

You could even start a small business where you shareware/freeware-ize your stuff to get started and make a name for yourself ;-)

Sean Peisert

we’ve cooked up a Sherlock 3 channel

Royal “we” again?

Sean Peisert

Hey; it ignored my carriage returns.

Derek Gomez

I often mention my weblog’s “editorial board” on dblog. I guess it’s similar.

Walt Dickinson

Heh, thanks Mark. Jess: I don’t know if I’m ready to really share my stuff yet. I’m not sure many other people would really find it useful. Working on it though. Sean: “We” apologize for the carriage return thing. Still working on that one.