December 8, 2002

Five Things I Learned Today

  1. Finding parking at the Berkeley REI during the holiday shopping rush is hellish.
  2. Chipotle makes the best burritos in the Bay Area I’ve encountered thus far.
  3. It is possible to replace the lightblub outside my front door.
  4. Our big bookshelf really needed to be cleaned and organized.
  5. The last thing you want to do if you’re trying to psyche your girlfriend up to see Star Trek: Nemesis is to watch Star Trek III: The Search for Spock with her.
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Sam Oh

Don’t get Scott started on Chipolte, hehe. I think it’s pretty good too, but I’ve only been there once

Sean Peisert

Chipotle??? The company owned by McDonalds??? What about High Tech Burrito which actually has varieties of grilled vegetables, braised tofu, cilantro, interesting tortillas, etc…, etc…

Bummer on the Star Trek thing.

Derek Gomez

Ah, Chipotle… Somewhat pricey, but man… that rice.

Laura Dickinson

Greetings. Five things I learned yesterday: 1. It is sometimes possible to drive to Sonoma State from home in 25 minutes, park and find a class for which you have forgotten to bring the room number. 2. I really lke sleeping in my car during lunch break. 3. Jung said that 46 is the perfect age to begin midlife therapy. 4. The story of Perceval and the holy grail and what it means for young adults. 5. If you take my husband car shopping, you may suddenly hear him singing, “When you need another car” Jimmie Cricket style (to the tune of when you wish upon a star). Walt’s five were so fun I had to give it a try.

Scott Yager

Chipotle is awesome.

Walt Dickinson

Mom’s five are so fun we may have to turn this idea into a more full-fledged part of =-) Thanks!

Jessyca Wallace

I think “5 things I learned today” would be an awesome new feature. To anyone else trying to convince S.O.s to go see the new Star Trek flick, here’s a little tip: TNN is playing both Borg episodes on Thursday night. Tab: You know you really wanna see it, even I really wanna see it.

Chipotle sucks - I can’t believe you’d prefer that over all the amazing taquerias in the Bay area.

Walt Dickinson

Dear Anonymous,

  1. I didn’t say I prefer it over all other mexican food restaurants, I said it was the best I’d had so far.

  2. How about sharing a bit of your wisdom and, say, share with us the names of some of these fabulous taquerias.

  3. No, you suck. =-)

chipotle is hot. if you dont like it you’re unattractive.