December 14, 2002

Get Your Trek On

My lovely girlfriend and I are off to see Star Trek Nemesis in a few minutes. My expectations are low but I’m planning on enjoying it. As much as possible anyway. It can hardly be any worse than watching a young, horny Jedi teen make a sickeningly awkward series of passes at an equally embarassingly portrayed Nabooneese sentator. Am I right?

Yes, Tabitha finally acquiesced to my series of beggings, pleadings and sobbings and agreed to go. She’s sweet.

If there are any visitors who are Moby fans and dig his online journal you might be interested in our new Moby RSS feed. So far, it seems to be working.

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Mark Shewmaker

Didn’t Moby just get beat down by a bunch of Eminem fans? I’ll look for a link…

Sean Peisert

Aw, Tabitha. Thanks for letting Walt go see Star Trek. =)

Sean Peisert

Walt: Of course not. Patrick Stewart is in this one. And he can play Captain Picard like nobody’s business. And Gurney Halleck, Ebanezer Scrooge, a knight of the round table, an super-secret arch villain, Captain Ahab, King Lear, Dickson Hill, …, …

Walt Dickinson

Mark: Moby did get attacked the other night in Boston. But I don’t think they know by whom or for what reason yet. His blogs about the attack are interesting. Sean: Yeah, Tabitha agrees that Patrick Stewart is an excellent actor. I think he should be tapped more often for cool movie roles but I’ll admit I haven’t seen many of the roles you mentioned.

Rachelle Bowden

Yesterday I finished up my last bug on this @#()$&% stressful, hectic, never-ending project and now it’s that the client for QA testing. Today I read abotu a month’s worth of Moby daily entries. I think I’m officially addicted again. Now I should get the RSS feed working for me. I’m actually pretty stoooopid about that sort of thing.

Walt Dickinson

Don’t be silly Rachelle. You know projects never end in the traditional fashion. =-)

Rachelle Bowden

oh. for sure. there will be more changes after the air force gets done reviewing this.