December 20, 2002

Moodstats For Ten

Yay! Moodstats now runs natively in Mac OS X. Downloading now, more later. [Later: It’s a little bit buggy but it works and it’s native so I’m happy. Plus, the Moodstats website got a bit of a redesign which is always nice.]

Yesterday there was a Mac OS X update (10.2.3) and today there’s a Developer Tools update (December 2002) and a preview version of the new Script Builder. Nice!

[Also: I started a new forum subject to serve as a place to talk about sketchy current events.]

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Derek Gomez

You installed 10.2.3 yet? I’m gonna wait a couple days to be safe… I checked out the changelog and it looks like there are some cool new features…

Derek Gomez

Whoops — should have linked said changelog.

Walt Dickinson

Yup. I can never wait very long to upgrade. I have a bit of a beef with an inexplicable change that was made to the representation of the traffic light window controls on templated “brushed metal” windows. (Which, of course, makes them look different from old school metal windows like those in QuickTime and iTunes.) But for the most part it’s all good.

Walt Dickinson

I’m also annoyed that I’ve been downloading the Developer upgrade for over four hours and it’s telling me I’ve got over two hours to go which means I’m going to have to break the download when I leave work which means I’m going to have to start the whole process over later. Grr.

Brian Poulsen

Walt - I’ve installed the Developer Tools from the CD that came along with 10.2. But the update you mention does not show up in the update thingy… Is it an external download ?

Derek Gomez

Brian - go to and sign in, then go to downloads; it’s at the bottom . I chose the “USA 2” site because the “USA 1” mirror was going at like 13.1 Kb/s — got up to 250 Kb/s on the second mirror. I also copied the URL it was downloading (ftp url with username/pass), halted the browser download in my browser,and used wget (curl OK too, i suppose) in the terminal so chimera didn’t have to deal with a 350 MB download.