December 15, 2002

Nemesis Is Good Star Trek

The Star Trek insignia.

Despite the many bad reviews and general “bleh” attitude toward the latest chapter in the Star Trek franchise, I found it to be a more than worthy addition to the series and hardly deserving of such low praise. Maybe the naysayers haven’t seen a Star Trek movie recently, maybe they’re expecting Shakespeare for some reason. People, it’s Star Trek. It’s supposed to be nerdy and dorky. I want them to bounce around as the bridge explodes and make cheesy jokes and be the only ship in the sector who can save Earth.

So, for what it’s worth, I liked it. Tabitha agreed it was a good Star Trek movie. It even continues the tradition of being a good “even numbered” movie after the rather forgettable Star Trek Insurrection. The fine folks at the Iconfactory agree.

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Jessyca Wallace

We saw it last night and liked it, too! Edge-of-your-seat stuff!

Sam Oh

I was going to try to find a bootleg version here and send it to you walt if you didn’t get to see it.. :)