December 11, 2002


Matt Haughey reminds us all to opt-out of SBC’s evil marketing practices.

Tabitha and I have enjoyed unprecedented crap on our current phone line. Fax calls come sometimes three times in a row in the middle of the night (“Beeep, beeep, beeep…”), phone spammers call and launch into infinitely long sales pitches in Chinese (“Ni how…”), and all manner of phone spam arrives on our answering machine (“You’ve won a contest…”, “You can remortgage your home…”, “All we need is your credit card number…”). It’s not really bad enough to warrant the hassle of changing the number and even if we did I suspect we’d still have problems. Spam sucks.

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Sam Oh

yeah about the chinese tele marketer, sorry they asked for a number so I had to give them something

Brian Poulsen

Sam - hehe ! Walt, I posed an entry at the very start of my weblogging. I talked to some people who said that I should call the phonecompany and tell them to put me on some sort of “hidden” list. The way the salespeople find your number is that they call the phonecompany, asking for random numbers in a special area. And they get it without any problems. They pay the phonecompany for those informations.. ;//

Reed Dickinson

Thanks for the heads-up. If you like SBC, you’ll love this: Link

Walt Dickinson

Khaaaaan! Actually, what I can’t believe is that the majority of people who responded to that poll want to keep the name Pac Bell Park. There oughta be a baseball law that you can only name a stadium once and that the name has to be timeless.

Nick Runco

how dumb. there should be baseball law that only parks can be named after players, coaches, or baseball officials. (and any name that the stadium originally had i guess.) let’s make it more obvious that corporations won everything we do. even pasttimes.

Laura Dickinson

Thank you for the link! I had nearly forgotten to do this even though I meant to.