December 18, 2002

The Goose Is Getting Fat

I am not the goose. I am down to the tightest notch on my belt. I would compare my current weight to my college weight but I have no figures for either and am wearing a different belt these days. It suffices to say I am slimmer. I owe this primarily to my NorCal lifestyle which involves more walking, less drive-thru, and even the occasional hike. But none of this is neither here nor there.

The Festivus will shortly be drawing to a close so if you’d like a free print of any of the photos in the photo section please make your selections soon. Thanks to everyone who’s placed an order so far.

We here at the ‘Walt are looking forward to a winter break which will decend upon us in two short days like so much warm glowing television, soft leather couches, and loving friends and family. If you’re in our neck of the woods, look us up.


Laura Dickinson

Thanks to Walt for the warm words about home. Merry Christmas Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all. Do come by if you get the chance. Mom

Sam Oh

walt: I think it also helps that we don’t go on the 3 in the morning Dennys run anymore…mmm memories of Walt throwing butter and derek and Ryan almost killing himself with a straw

Walt Dickinson

Good times…

Jessyca Wallace

I think the butter episode will live in infamy…the look on that manager’s face was priceless.

Walt Dickinson

Hey, look, the whole thing would have gone a lot smoother if Derek had caught that flying gob of butter in his mouth like he was supposed to.

Nick Runco

i think the whole thing would have gone a lot smoother if you had listened to the voice of reason sitting next to you, saying “um, walt, dude - don’t throw the butter. that’s not gonna go over well.” whomever that might have been.

Sam Oh

but if he listen to those voices we wouldn’t have the memories :)

Walt Dickinson

Truer words were never spoken.

Nick Runco

i didn’t say better, i said smoother.