December 5, 2002

The Holiday Spirit

Pingthing 2

It’s officially friggin’ cold in the Bay Area so we’re winterizing for the holiday season. I broke out the cap and gloves for the short walk to and from the BART station today and it was a big improvement. I also dug out my one string of lights the other night and strung them around our two front windows. Now to get to that holiday shopping.

But first … there are a couple of changes in the code section tonight. I’ve been tweaking the Blogizer and Pingthing as well as cooking up some other cheesy little projects. Check out BARTastic if you’re running Mac OS X. It’s simple but it’s cool and really handy. (For me anyway.)

Also, Sam is back in China and has started up a new weblog. Check it out.


Derek Gomez

Nice look. BTW, you teasing us with that Waltsaver graphic in the code section, or what? ;) Is that in the works?

Jessyca Wallace

How is it that you always manage to be 1 step ahead of me? Not that it’s a competition of course ;-) Just this morning I started preparing the holiday version of Monarch Productions (not live yet due to actual holiday shopping and that silly work thing I have to do) and I am in the middle of drawing a string of lights. Stop that! :-D Looks great, btw!!

Walt Dickinson

Derek: Yeah, I’ll get around to finishing that thing one of these days. It’s written in Objective C so I tend to get very little done everytime I tinker with it. It’s working now, it just needs some polish. Jess: Sorry I beat you to the punch. =-) I was slacking on finishing mine and didn’t want for December to end before I’d pushed it live. Wired News turned me on to using different CSS files to define the shape of the design separate from the skin of the design. It’s great.

Rachelle Bowden

hey, walt, the new holiday theme is.. uh.. interesting.. but now when there’s a new comment to one of your entries it’s not bolding.