January 24, 2003

All That Jazz

Nani said to go and see Chicago. And we did. Just got back. Liked it. Catherine, Renee, and Richard all put in surprisingly energetic performances. Catherine especially. Queen Latifah and John Reilly were good too. Now I’m tired. Going to bed soon. Zzz…

[Later: There were some great trailers before the movie as well. Big laughs from the audience for Steve Martin’s new movie, Bringing Down the House. And despite the fairly “bleh” attitude I’d been developing (based on nothing really) for Seabiscuit, I was really excited about it by the end of the trailer. The Shawshank/Rudy soundtrack mix is box office gold.]

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Sean Peisert

I saw it last night as well. Made me realize I would’ve enjoyed seeing Bebe Neuwirth in the Broadway musical version.

Walt Dickinson

Yeah, there were a couple of moments in the film where I thought, “This part would’ve been so much more impressive if it were live.” But a couple others which probably (definitely) couldn’t have been done on stage.

Nani Dickinson

I really want to see it on stage now, cause I heard that they didn’t change much of the choreography so i would want to see that live. i really liked it! i think that it was really well casted. Catherine can really sing and dance, cause i guess she did Broadway before she became an actress which is why she is so good.

Nick Runco

i saw it in new york. that’s been my lone Broadway experience.

Rachelle Bowden

after i saw the movie it made me want to see it on broadway.. some day i will. my friend’s roommate actually said he enjoyed the movie more.