January 11, 2003

All Things Merge Into One

Dennis Mahoney brilliantly spoofs Jason Kottke’s very bad idea. Hilarity ensues.

[Also: The rekindled Fireland burns brighter than ever.]

[Last thing: Has anyone tried to get the Safari Full Screen AppleScript (download) to work successfully? It’s all flawed on my end. Please let me know if you’ve gotten it to work or if it conks out on you as well. Thanks.]

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Jessyca Wallace

Knowing who neither of those people are (I think I’ve heard of Kottke, though), and caring little about Safari (especially now that I know it’s in Beta still) I found this parody terribly amusing. So, does Dennis Mahoney not like Meg and Jason? Or are they all friends with WAY too much time on their hands?

Walt Dickinson

Jason Kottke and Meg Hourihan are “A-list” bloggers. Lotta readers. Respected voices in the blogosphere. They are also an “item”. Safari is a significant product for Apple. Mac OS X is a more respectable platform with a fast, well-rendering web browser available out of the box. Kottke’s suggestion that web service apps be integrated into Safari is a bad idea imo. The browser is not the end-all-be-all of internet communications. It’s simply a tool for viewing pages of information. Some of those pages are front-ends for powerful pieces of software but that hardly implies that all networked communications should take place in the browser. Having different apps with simple, customized interfaces to suit specific tasks is way more appropriate than building what Kottke suggests. So, Dennis Mahoney (who I’ve never read before) is making the obvious spoof. It makes about as much sense to smoosh a couple’s blogs together as it would to smoosh these two apps together. And he even did comps. =-) Get it?

Sean Peisert

New version of Safari Enhancer out today that enables the Full Screen Safari thing.

Walt Dickinson

Cool. I’ll check it out. Thanks Sean.

Walt Dickinson

Sean I think that the new version of Safari Enhancer is compatible with this plugin for Unsanity’s Application Enhancer. That’s different. I’m trying to find out if anyone has been able to run the Full Screen AppleScript found on this AppleScript Safari page.

Sean Peisert

Walt… yep, you’re absolutely right. Isn’t the effect the same, though?

Walt Dickinson

The effect might be the same but what I’m really trying to understand is why these AppleScripts which are supposed to find the resolution of your screen, hide the dock, and expand the browser window, don’t seem to be working at all. Actually, all I really want is for the friggin’ maximize button in Safari to work like it’s supposed to. A lot of other apps misuse the maximize button too. People, when I click the green button I want the damn window to fill the screen minus the dock and the menu bar. For examples of how to do it right please see Chimera, NetNewsWire, Mail, etc. For example of how to piss me off please see iTunes, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Address Book, Acrobat, etc.

Why do not get the full-screen plugin for Safari, “Saft” at www.versiontracker.com. It is well integrated and works like a charm.

Walt Dickinson

Like I say, I’m trying to understand why the script isn’t working the way it’s supposed to more than anything else. Apple could solve all of this by making the damn maximize button work the way it’s supposed to.