January 18, 2003

DVD Overhaul, Part Four

We’ve had a huge influx of movies in the DVD section recently. A lot of duplicate discs were showing up, the sloppy functionality of the tool had no leeway for editing the discs an owner had added, and so forth. In short, it was becoming a bit messy in there.

So I spent a while removing duplicates, touching up entries, and overhauling the codebase. Now, it’s possible to view a complete list of all the DVDs in the system, see which ones have been related to their Amazon pages, and (if you own it) jump directly to the edit page.

I’ve got lots of ideas for this section but I’ll never have enough time to do them all. If anyone’s got any suggestions for new or improved features please let me know. Thanks.


Rob Christensen

Well done, Walt. It occurred to me after reading this that I hadn’t updated my DVD collection on iWalt.com for quite sometime. My collection has grown quite a bit since I last updated (10 classic films can be credited to a Christmas DVD set I was given). I also realized that I’ve loaned out a couple of my DVD’s (including my beloved Terminator film). :) So, I’ve updated my collection. By the way, I dig the new features.

Walt Dickinson

Thanks Rob, your additions (and others) inspired me to add a “Year” field and I’m thinking about adding a “Is Loaned Out” field as well.

Nick Runco

can you add a “send bounty hunter” feature to collect unreturned DVDs?