January 22, 2003

Fishburne 1, Jackson 0

Oh no. Further proof that there is no god. (I’ll give them $9.50 not to make it. Who’s with me?)

Oh yeah. Further proof that there is no spoon. (Less than four months to go.)

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Brian Poulsen

Talking about Matrix - You removed your Matrix countdown ?

Brian Poulsen

Walt - Your forum seems to be fubar?

iWalt.com ? Forums ? Movies ? Film Award Predictions 2003 The forum you were trying to access does not exist. Please select one of the available forums.

Walt Dickinson

The countdown listing always only shows the next three events. Maybe I should make it 5. Actually, what I meant to do was to show three and then link to a page where it would show them all. Haven’t found the time for that yet. Thanks for pointing out the forums mishap. Should be all good now.

Sean Peisert

Walt, okay, I’m confused. “Spoon” to me refers to the Tick. What the hell are you talking about? :-)

Walt Dickinson

Check out the Matrix quotes at IMDB. Search for spoon. All will be revealed.