January 9, 2003

On Safari


John Gruber has the best write-up I’ve seen so far of the ins, outs, and wherefores of Apple’s new web browser.

David Hyatt, meanwhile, is doing an amazing job of explaining various decisions made in the development of Safari, defending those choices against critics, disclaiming allegations of bad behavior on the part of Apple engineers, and alerting people to fixes, hacks and other noteworthy technical hoo-ha pertaining to Safari’s development.

Also, Mark Pilgrim’s instantaneous review of Safari (which was posted within 10 minutes of the software becoming available) continues to be refined and extended. His Safari report is a wealth of information on CSS bugs many of which have reportedly already been repaired in the next version of Safari.

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Derek Gomez

Gruber’s denunciation of tabbed browsing is off the mark (his thing, for those who haven’t read it, is that Safari’s developers probably have something better up their sleeve). B.S., I say, unless he’s got some inside info. He loathes Gecko for good reasons but seems to let some of that seep into his stance on tabs (which really don’t have anything to do with Gecko).

Other than that, a very informative and useful article! Wow, I learned a lot and have higher hopes for Safari than I did yesterday. Thanks for the pointers, Walt.

Walt Dickinson

David Hyatt: “You keep filing, we’ll keep fixing.” Safari is going to rule. =-)

Sean Peisert

“Safari Enhancer” (see VersionTracker) has helped a couple of issues I was having.

Sean Peisert

So if Apple is kicking so much ass with Safari, why does Mail trail Eudora so much???

Walt Dickinson

What’s so cool about Eudora? =-) What does it cost these days? I’m pretty happy with everything Mail does. Especially now that it sifts the junk mail and has decent rules.

Nick Runco

i wish there could be some cosmetic controls of mail. you stare at a mail app 8 thousand times a day, it should look good. it doesn’t. acquisition is laid-out well. iwalt is laid-out well. mail is ass.