January 15, 2003

Peace Is Also Patriotic

Times Online: “Last Friday a friend of mine in California drove to his local supermarket with a sticker on his car saying: ‘Peace is also Patriotic’. It was gone by the time he’d finished shopping.”

Currently the top link on Blogdex and Daypop. Doc Searls links to more.

[Also: CNET: “You should become familiar with RFID technology because you’ll be hearing much more about it soon. … Imagine: The Gap links your sweater’s RFID tag with the credit card you used to buy it and recognizes you by name when you return. … The privacy threat comes when RFID tags remain active once you leave a store.”]

[Finally: Eldred loses and Mariucci is sacked.]

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Sean Peisert

Oh — and that Times article is written by John Le Carr?, no less.

Derek Gomez

You Northern California sports fans need some bringing down a notch. A SF Bay World Series was just a little too close for comfort and until the 49ers were out this past weekend, it was getting scary there too for the Super Bowl. Can’t you guys rest on your laurels with two league/conference champions in one year?! (we all know Oakland will take it this weekend)

Signed jealously, Derek

Jessyca Wallace

I was up in the Bay Area for the last couple of days and they showed Mariucci giving a press conference live today…I can’t believe those bleep bleeps fired him, didn’t tell him, and he found out on TV!!! Reason #436 not to like the Niners. Go Bears!