January 28, 2003


I am officially nice and sick. Sore throat, sneezy, and constantly exhausted. Gonna try to swing a sick day tomorrow which really won’t amount to much more than working from home. And constant snacking, that is a given.

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Scott Yager

Walt, are you ignoring my email? :(

Walt Dickinson

No, did you get my first response? I just really haven’t had time to look. For the past two days I’ve gotten home, eaten, and went straight to bed.

Scott Yager

No, I didn’t get it. All our emails were backed up because of that Slammer worm, but they were supposed to have resolved it yesterday. Maybe they just haven’t cleared the backlog yet.

Scott Yager

Stupid email…if you have a chance, resend it to syager10@yahoo.com.

Laura Dickinson

Sorry to hear you’ve got the sniffles, etc. Hope you feel better asap. Love, Mom

Rachelle Bowden

feel better, walt!

Walt Dickinson