February 27, 2003

Canon S50 and S400

Canon PowerShot S50

Canon’s got a whole slew of new products out today, including the PowerShot S50 ($700). The S50 brings 5 megapixel resolution to Canon’s line of high-end consumer digital cameras. The PowerShot S400 ($600) also debuted today, which means Digital Elphs now have a 4 megapixel model. There are also a couple of low-end cameras released including the Powershot A70 and A60 ($450 and $350).

My trusty PowerShot S30 is roughly a year and a half old now. The model probably costs drastically less today then I paid for it but it’s an excellent camera and, as always, is highly recommended.


Sean Peisert

Well, I ended up with the 4MP Sony CyberShot, but I’m pretty happy with it. If I’d waited another 3-4 weeks, I might’ve seriously considered the S400, but as it is, I think I saved a bundle of money and got a great camera. Still… glad to see they’re putting out great stuff!

Walt Dickinson

Which one did you get? Model number?

Sean Peisert

DSC-P9. Took some good shots already. The movies & audio were an unexpectedly cool bonus.

Walt Dickinson

Nice! Well I hope you feel like sharing a few here on iWalt sometime. =-) (This reminds me of a certain red-eye fiasco I need to take another crack at.)

Sean Peisert

Absolutely, I’ll post something! Incidentally, I’d like to give note of my very high kudos to the Kodak Photo Service and how easy iPhoto makes it all. I’ve ordered some prints for myself, friends, family, etc… and it was fabulous.

Oh — yes the Red Eye picture would be great. =) Incidentally, that’s one reason why I didn’t get the 3MP Elph, despite the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed my 2MP Elph: the flash is very close to the lens, supposedly making red-eye extremely prevalent. Or at least that’s what the reviews said on all the digital camera review sites I went to. I suspect the 4MP Elph is no different in this regard.