February 16, 2003

Google Buys Pyra

Dan Gillmore posted a column Saturday which reports that Google will buy Prya which, of course, is Blogger. Interesting news. Will all Blogger weblogs soon have Google-powered search engines? Will Blogger weblog content influence Google News? Will Blogger’s feature set ever be on par with other weblog software? Stay tuned.

BoingBoing covered Evan’s live announcement of the purchase from the midst of Live from the Blogosphere. =-) SXSW is going to be a blast.

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Rachelle Bowden

ohmygodicantwait to see what happens

Kris Rzepkowski

me too, especially since some of us don’t want to make out with MoveableType

Rachelle Bowden

i’d love to make out with MT, but it’s playing hard to get. or im just being a dummy about setting it up :)

Derek Gomez

I must say, as one of the lone MTers on this board, version 2.62, released this weekend, is nice. MTSanitize built in (protects from comment-hacking), and an easier implementation of plugins. A few other new features too.

Still not too simple to install. But nothing extremely hard, and the documentation is great. Community is excellent and Mena and Ben are really attentive.

Go ahead, sing it: “Derek and MT sitting in a tree…”