February 28, 2003

Hypothetically, Of Course

Surfin’ Safari: “If there were a Safari v62, and it did happen to leak to the public, and someone did happen to run it, and that person did happen to discover a bug with text-decoration, well then I would hypothetically be most grateful.”

I wasn’t sure that the Safari v62 rumor was true. Tonight, I am convinced. The tabs are a great feature but the look of them could use a bit of work. It’s difficult to make descending tabs look cool. Especially boxy, metallic tabs.

The maximize button still doesn’t maximize the window. Sigh!

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Brian Poulsen

hmm … is v62 downloadable from apple.com???

Walt Dickinson

Nope, it’s just sort of floating around the internet. Leaked, unofficially, you know?

Brian Poulsen

walt ok .. You mention the tabs like it’s something you have tried?

Walt Dickinson

Yes. =-)

Rachelle Bowden

dude, give it up already!